Do You Have Digital Resources?

A: All IFP panels are online in video and audio format for you to download. You can also find years of Filmmaker Magazine in searchable digital format.

As a member, you automatically receive email newsletters. We encourage you to also sign up for Filmmaker Magazine’s email newsletter and the Made in NY Media Center by IFP newsletter. These newsletter require separate sign-up, but are both free.

On the Filmmaker Magazine website you can find many web-only features, Daily Blog Postings and Director Interviews. On the IFP blog you can find reports from IFP alumni, members, and other industry news.

You can also join our Facebook group and Twitter feed for updates on events and films, and watch our videos on YouTube. For Filmmaker Magazine follow on: Twitter; and Facebook.

How Do I Find Out What’s Going On at IFP?

A: The best way is to sign up for free email updates so you receive our weekly newsletter. If you do not receive the newsletter, contact New York Membership. Also make sure to check the Event Registration Page.

How Do I RSVP For an Event

A: You can RSVP to IFP events here. When you press Submit, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you entered when completing the form.

Begin a Membership – Renew a Membership

Q: How long does it take to set up my membership once I join or renew?
A: Your membership goes into effect instantly. Remember to print your member card so you can RSVP/ attend events.

Q: How do I check the status of my membership?
A: Log into your account with the email and password you signed up with (if you forgot your password, click FORGOT PASSWORD). Once in, you’ll see your join/ expire dates, a link to print your member card, and special offers.

List of Member Benefits

Q: How do I find out what benefits I get with my membership to IFP?
A: Membership benefits are located here.

Filmmaker Magazine

Q: I haven’t received Filmmaker Magazine?
A: Filmmaker Magazine is a quarterly publication (comes out once every three months). In other words, you may be in-between issues. So, if you purchased your IFP membership between:

– Mar 26 & Jun 25, your first issue of Filmmaker Magazine will arrive Jul 31 (Summer Issue)
– Jun 26 & Sep 25, your first issue of Filmmaker Magazine will arrive Oct 31 (Fall Issue)
– Sep 26 & Dec 25, your first issue of Filmmaker Magazine will arrive Jan 31 (Winter Issue)
– Dec 26 & Mar 25, your first issue of Filmmaker Magazine will arrive Apr 31 (Spring Issue)

Next, have you updated your address on the IFP website? If not, do so immediately. Log into your account with the email and password you used to sign up (if you forgot your password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link) and update your address. If change of address is not the reason you haven’t received your magazine, contact the Member Coordinator. In the meantime, go to Filmmaker Magazine to read archived articles from past issues.

Health Care

Q: Affordable, quality health care is difficult to achieve for many Americans, let alone members of the independent film community. IFP’s member services give you an option to secure quality health, dental, vision, disability and/or catastrophic critical illness insurance at rates even an independent filmmaker can afford.

Health plans range approximately from $199/month/individual for good, comprehensive, basic quality insurance up to $450/month/individual (with many options in between) with $0 to $20 co-pays. These plans are underwritten through carriers such as Atlantis, Emblem, Oxford and others.

Rates will vary based on various factors such as geographic location of the insured, annual income, “policy tweak” and other factors, but not by much.

Coverage can be for IFP members who are independent contractors or IFP members who are employees of other companies who are not covered at their place of work.

There are also high deductible HMO, EPO as well as PPO HSA compliant plans with deductibles ranging from $1,200 to $2,850 to $5,000 to $5,800. And a $10,000 deductible non-HSA compliant option as well.

Discounted disability and critical illness coverages are also available. These rates will vary from individual to individual depending on such factors as age, gender, income, health status, “policy tweak” and other factors.

To speak to a plan representative email us your name, address, telephone, email address, member number and expiration date and we will put you in touch with a plan representative.

How Do I use IFP to Network

A: To network, attend as many IFP events as possible. You’ll meet other filmmakers moving in the same direction as you. Most networking is really based on chance encounters that transpire when many people are in one place at a given time.

Website Accounts

Q: I can’t log onto the website to setup my account or with my password?
A:  Log into your account with the email and password you used to sign up (if you forgot your password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link). If the information has changed from the time you signed up, update it now. If you cannot logon with your password, check to see that you are using the original email address that you used to setup the account (maybe you signed up with a different (or older) email address. If difficulties persist contact the Membership Coordinator and your online account will be updated. ss.

IFP Member benefits are subject to change without notice.

Click here to email the Membership Coordinator.

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